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7494 Lee Davis Rd 16A Mechanicsville, VA 23111


About the Learning Environment

This center creates an agile space that will support the needs of learners and educators, today and into the future. This is achieved through our eclectic range of furniture that speaks to different learning styles; flexible pieces that can be reconfigured for a variety of learning activities and teaching methods; and zones to help achieve specific learning outcomes. Above all it is a person-centered space that considers the colors and textures that will stimulate learning; providing areas for individuals to both come together, retreat; and facilitate natural movement with ergonomically designed pieces, that enhance blood flow, cognitive function, and learning engagement.


YCMEE is designed to provide a rigorous nurturing, non-traditional online learning environment while offing a challenging and creative educational curriculum that strives to stimulate intellectual curiosity. The life-skill preparatory courses foster critical thinking and self-awareness skills using concept-based teaching practices. Students are offered assistance with post-secondary options such as training, colleges, work, or any other endeavors the student wishes to pursue.

Hours of Operation

Online Learning Instruction/Support

7:00am - 2:10pm



2:10pm- 6:00pm

Daily Schedule

YCMEE opens at 7:00a.m.

Online Learning begins at 7:15 am and dismissal is at 2:15 pm (Monday through Friday).

The YCMEE Learning Center remains open until 6:00 pm for aftercare (clubs, extracurricular activities, and tutoring/study hall). A faculty member supervises students in the building from 7:00 am -6:00 pm.  Students who are not picked up at the time of dismissal are expected to remain with the faculty member in a supervised event or tutoring/study hall and the responsible guardian will be charged for afterschool services for that day.


YCMEE will dismiss at 2:10 pm for learning center sessions and 6:00 pm for afterschool sessions daily.



 Application (one-time fee): $10.00

Annual Registration fee: Waved – COVID 19

Weekly Rate ( Due Monday): $120.00

Afterschool Weekly Rate: $50.00

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Live Settings for Education Development and Enhancement 

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Enrollment Application

Letter to Parents

Parent Handbook

Tuition Schedule

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Online Learning and Application

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Etiquette Skill-sets 


Product Development and Branding

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Business 101

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Engineering and

Project Management